TroubleMaker Management

 Proper management is essential for any industry.  Our purpose is to help you create the right risk management strategy for our partners in the entertainment industry. We specialize in marketing and risk management tools to the entertainment industry. We are driven by long-term relationships, not short-term profits. This enables us to leverage our resources to create value beyond the provision of any other program. This approach, and our record of service to key entertainers, has resulted in enduring relationships with our clients. We are  dedicated to the principles of the risk management process and has developed significant industry-focused specialties. In addition to entertainment, sporting events, and film and television production we are venturing into Tour Management as well.

Our experience has proven that artistic growth is a process that can be a rough ride without support. If you want professional management, your consultation begins with a thorough assessment of your needs and goals. We will then help you develop your portfolio, press kit, or resume, and work to book you into appropriate venues that will enhance your visibility.

Everyone nowadays wants to have total control, but success is still measured in most peoples' minds by major deals. It starts with a plan, which we help you develop, and then it goes from there. We cannot predict your future but, we can make sure your professional business image is never mis- represented.

Our selection of talent through the management division will be done discreetly. The potential for career longevity is also crucial. Athlete's, Artist's, Songwriters, can be assured of a serious and artistic-friendly commitment when managed by us.