Born & Raised in St.louis, MO June 1988, I have been a hip hop dancer for fourteen years. In that time I have mastered a variety of hip hop styles from all areas of the U.S. I thrive on being unique with my selection of moves. I have excellent coordination and sense of rhythm. I bring positivity, confidence and faith to any projects I take on and believe I bring true passion to dance. I also love and enjoy watching young dancers grow under my guidance.

He has done lead choreography for local hip hop events as well as performances and music videos for over five local artists. Danced in Some commercials, And has had youtube videos that went viral. I am also a dance coach/instructor at Platinum Athletics Competitive Hip Hop and Dance Elite. My ultimate goal is to make it on T.V. with my dance talent because I enjoy inspiring the young and the old with my dance. I present to you my videos which show passion and bring music to life with my moves.

Dance Choreographer


Dancing Homeless | Hanging on | Ellie Gouldin

Koven- Wake You Up Dance Video | Smalltalk &

The Connection to Life by : Smalltalk