Celebrity Roadshow

Where the vibes at...

A celebrity Roadshow will drive through America highways featuring top event celebrities and community luminaries from each festival city. The Roadshow procession visits the outer regions of each market and arrives at the festival Field on the show day, just in time for the excitement.


MCK's Car Show:

The “National Roadshow Competition” is a new annual event in top U.S. markets featuring the top show quality vehicles from car clubs around the country. The car show is incorporated with the festival grounds, and features awards and prizes in 5 classes: Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Lowrider, Rat Rod / Rat Mod’s and Post 79’ Custom

Music Cars & Kulture

MCK's Roadshow

Where the vibes at...

A series of auto-lifestyle festivals that combine vintage car exhibitions with a variety of unique festival experiences across the country. The program appeals to a board range of consumers, from trendy-savvy millennials to car colleting baby boomer, through cutting-edge concerts and crowd- pleasing car competitions. Promotional roadshows, featuring vintage and custom cars, lead up to each festival with a high-profile rally through America’s highways.

MCK celebrates the cultural affinity between car culture and the live music that drives us all.